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Production, application and recycling of polyurethane materials

by:ORK      2022-10-28
At present, many people may not know much about the material polyurethane. It was first discovered by Professor Otto Bayer in Germany in 1937. Polyurethane can be obtained by polyaddition reaction of polyisocyanate and polyol compound, and based on this, it has entered industrialization. application. The United Kingdom and the United States and other countries obtained the manufacturing technology of polyurethane resin from Germany from 1945 to 1947 and began to industrialize in 1950. In 1955, Japan introduced the industrial production technology of polyurethane from the German Bayer Company and the American DuPont Company. In the late 1950s, my country's polyurethane industry started to develop rapidly in the past ten years. Polyurethane, referred to as PU, is a polymer made from raw materials such as polyisocyanates and polyether polyols or polyester polyols or small molecular polyols, polyamines or water and other chain extenders or crosslinking agents. By changing the type and composition of raw materials, the shape and properties of the product can be greatly changed, and the final product from soft to hard can be obtained. Polyurethane products are in the form of soft, semi-rigid and rigid foams, elastomers (polyurethane elastomers mainly include thermoplastic TPU and thermosetting-mostly CPU is realized by casting process), paint coatings (three anti-paints), adhesives, sealants , synthetic leather coating resin, insulating paint, elastic fiber, etc. The products produced by Osbon using polyurethane materials include polyurethane insulating paint, polyurethane conformal paint, polyurethane potting glue and other products. They are widely used in automobile manufacturing, refrigerator manufacturing, transportation, civil construction, footwear, synthetic leather, fabrics, electromechanical, electronic, petrochemical, mining machinery, aviation, medical, agriculture and many other fields. Polyurethane physical properties The mechanical properties of polyurethane have great tunability. By controlling the ratio between crystalline hard segment and non-crystalline soft segment, different mechanical properties of polyurethane can be obtained. Therefore, its products have excellent properties such as wear resistance, temperature resistance, sealing, sound insulation, good processing performance, and degradability. Polyurethane Chemical Properties Polyurethane is resistant to corrosion by a variety of acids, bases and organic solvents, so it is often used as a substitute for rubber seals products in harsh environments. The recycled polyurethane material is extremely difficult to decompose under natural conditions. The widely used treatment method is the combustion method. The gas after combustion passes through water to dissolve the easily soluble toxic substances such as NO2 in it. During the combustion process, hydrocyanic acid is also generated. (HCN), hydrocyanic acid is easily soluble in water, and the CN- root produced is highly toxic, so the water passing through the combustion exhaust gas must be specially treated. If the polyurethane is buried deep underground, it will take decades to decompose. There is no relevant research material on the composition of the decomposed product, but it may be non-toxic and harmless. Another recycling method is the pyrolysis method, which is pyrolyzed into some small molecular chemicals through high temperature and other conditions, which can be used to produce useful materials such as fuel oil. There are relevant scientific research reports and achievements, but they have not been applied to industrial production. To sum up, the use of polyurethane in modern industry still uncovers its drawbacks. It is widely used. This is an indistinguishable fact, but we should pay more attention to environmental protection in the recycling of polyurethane materials. Osborn polyurethane insulating paint is a spray can type polyurethane product, which can form a film on the surface of the product and has a good insulating effect. The three-proof paint has the function of preventing moisture and chemical pollution. Company website: https://www.orksealing.com/
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