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Properties of Polyurethane Elastomers

by:ORK      2022-10-18
1. Excellent wear resistance: The wear resistance of polyurethane elastomers is very good, generally about 3-5 times that of natural rubber, and enjoys excellent wear resistance.“Wear-resistant rubber”2. Wide range of hardness: the low hardness range of polyurethane elastomers can be around shoreA10, and the high hardness can reach shoreD85, extending from the hardness of rubber to the hardness range of plastics. 3. High strength: the tensile strength and tear strength of polyurethane elastomers are much higher than those of general-purpose rubber seals under the hardness of rubber; under the hardness of plastic, their impact strength and The flexural modulus is much higher than that of plastics; 4. Oil resistance: The cream performance of polyester polyurethane elastomer is not lower than that of NBR, which is comparable to that of polysulfide rubber; 5. High bearing capacity: Since the polyurethane elastomer can maintain Under the premise of rubber elasticity, the hardness is increased, so as to achieve a high bearing capacity, which is unmatched by other rubbers; 6. Good vibration absorption performance: The effect of polyurethane elastomer on the alternating camp shows obvious hysteresis. In this process, part of the energy of the external force is consumed in the interior of the polyurethane elastomer and converted into heat energy. Therefore, polyurethane elastomers have obvious vibration absorption properties, which can also be called damping properties. 7. Low temperature resistance: Polyurethane elastomer has good low temperature performance, and the brittle containment is generally low (-50℃-70℃), and the catalytic temperature of some formula varieties is lower than -70℃, so polyurethane elastomer products are especially suitable 8. Radiation resistance and ozone resistance: Among polymer materials, polyurethane has outstanding radiation resistance and ozone resistance; 9. Mold resistance: Polyether polyurethane has good mold resistance, and was once the The grade is 0-1, and basically no mold grows. 10. Biomedical properties: Polyurethane materials have excellent biocompatibility. Acute and chronic toxicological tests and animal tests have confirmed that medical polyurethane materials are non-toxic, non-distorting, and have no adverse side effects such as allergic reactions.
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