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by:ORK      2022-11-26
Qualified technical indicators for the inspection of rubber seals Check the appearance quality. The surface of the skeleton rubber seals must be smooth and free of defects such as burrs, cracks, bubbles, missing corners and impurities embedded; Average and other phenomena. The contact width between the lip and the shaft is generally 0.13~0.5mm, and the optimal width is 0.25mm; the adhesion between the rubber seals and the reinforcement ring should be tight and not loose, the reinforcement ring should not be allowed to be offset, and the inner and outer surfaces should not expose iron ;The embossed characters pressed out on the plane of the rubber seal indicate 'shaft diameter x outer diameter x height', the name of the manufacturer and the trademark, and the handwriting should be clear. Use a vernier caliper to measure the size of the oil seal, it is best to use a standard plug gauge to measure the inner diameter, and check its combined gasket Whether the tightness is appropriate. If the inner diameter of the oil seal is greater than 30~90mm, the tolerance is -1.0~+0.7mm; if the height is greater than 4mm, the tolerance is -0.3~+0.40mm. According to the needs and prerequisites, the oil resistance function test can be carried out. Soak in No. 25 transmission oil at (70±5)℃ for 24h, the weight change should be -3%~+5%. Mixture of No. 120 gasoline (75%) and benzene (25%) at (20±5)℃ Soak in liquid for 24 hours, the weight change should not exceed +20%. According to the manufacturer's requirements, the oil seal edge should have an appropriate amount of interference with the matching journal. If it is too large, it will affect the service life of the rubber seal. If it is too small, the sealing performance will deteriorate. When the machine is working, the radial force of the lip of the rubber seal on the shaft causes an oil film with a thickness of about 2.5mm between the interfaces, which is the essence of the sealing effect of the skeleton rubber seals seal.
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