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Reasons for affecting the service life of rubber seals

by:ORK      2022-11-09
Reasons that affect the service life of rubber seals seals The root cause of endangering the service life of silicone seals The service life of silicone seals is usually interfered by three factors: mechanical equipment force, air oxidation and ozonation. Generally speaking, the silicone sealing ring becomes brittle, the fatigue crack increases the acceleration, and the reduction of the critical value of the fracture energy will reduce its service life. The factors that determine the service life of silicone seals in detail include the following aspects: Aging will cause mechanical cracking reactions under the action of mechanical equipment: due to the viscous characteristics of high molecular polymers, plastics are slack during the deformation cycle time. The whole process is too late to complete, and then it goes to the next deformation cycle time, which makes the residual stress of the internal structural deformation of the silicone sealing ring continue to increase. When the direction of the local stress gradient is relatively large, the molecular chain of the plastic will be broken immediately to form oxygen free radicals, which will cause the hydroxyl radicals of the vulcanized rubber seals to undergo a chain reaction of air oxidation under the effect of oxygen and age. Aging will make the mechanical equipment active air oxidative cracking reaction: when the silicone seal is repeatedly deformed in a closed condition, its mechanical stress will weaken the valence force in the plastic molecular chain, thus reducing its air oxidation reaction. rate. The reduction of the air oxidation reaction rate makes the air oxidation cracking reaction of the plastic molecular chain easier and has an acceleration effect. The heat of the internal structure of the silicone sealing ring accelerates the air oxidation reaction: when the silicone sealing ring is repeatedly deformed, it will produce a hysteresis condition and cause civil strife, so the internal structure of the plastic is heated, which further accelerates the air oxidation chain reaction of the plastic and aging. Activated oxygen cracking of silicone sealing ring: When the silicone sealing ring is aging with regular deformation, it is accompanied by reactive oxygen cracking, which is more obvious under high temperature standards.
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