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Reasons for aging and insufficient service life of silicone seals

by:ORK      2022-10-29
Reasons for the aging and insufficient service life of silicone sealing rings Silicone sealing products are one of the widely used commodities in mechanical and electronic products. However, in daily operation and use, many electronic products and industrial equipment will inevitably damage and age the seals, resulting in ineffective products and affecting the function of the equipment. The rupture of the silicone sealing ring is one of them. Once the silicone product is ruptured, it will seriously endanger the The overall functionality of the product. So, how can you avoid all kinds of problems with broken and damaged products! At present, sealing rubber rings are divided into many shapes and applications. The first is static applications. This function is mainly used for sealing without long-term stress, long-term static storage and release. In this case, the scene of the main product must be used, such as UV light environment, ozone environment, oil environment and its high and low temperature environment. If the cargo encounters cracking of the sealing silicone rubber ring under static conditions, it should be adjusted according to the effect of the environment. Adjust the material to make corresponding provisions, such as UV resistance, fire resistance, corrosion resistance and other requirements. Under the premise of static state, as long as it is not artificially damaged, most sealing rings will not be damaged and broken. Generally speaking, there is no problem in using it for more than 5 years, but it cannot be guaranteed under abnormal circumstances. For example, in the production of silicone ring manufacturers, the product is immature, fragile and soft, and has minor crack damage. Silicone sealing ring Under the dynamic premise, the reasons for the rupture of the silicone ring are very extensive. It mainly depends on the application in different environments. In addition to the problems of traditional production and material selection, silicone performance is the key: for example, the hardness of the material, the sealing ring can make high hardness and non-rebound goods ineffective due to different soft hardness. The second is the stress process. Where are the stress points such as raised grooves, flats or pipe grooves when using gaskets. Different mounting devices have different sealing ring positions and therefore different stress points. Some are front extrusion, some are side friction, and some are internal extrusion. The force surface and its strength depend on the force, fracture and aging of the product. The functional failure of the silicone sealing ring is a very worrying situation for many mechanical and electronic equipment and their home appliances, because the performance aging of the small sealing ring may lead to more losses. The application level of the product also has a certain influence. Silicone rubber seals are often ineffective due to strength and some objective factors in use. The process of force also has strength, such as gap bite, root damage, pressure damage, etc., we will explain. The rupture of the sealing ring and the damage of floating dust have a great influence. Silicone rubber rings inevitably penetrate into the dust and impurities in the equipment. Silicone rubber seals seals usually break down over time. Therefore, when using seals, try to keep the environment as clean as possible or clean frequently!
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