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Reasons for the good sealing of rubber O-rings and its sealing structure and working principle

by:ORK      2022-10-23
The reasons for the good sealing of rubber O ring manufactures, their sealing structure and working principle working principle. O ring manufactures have always been a key commodity in the domestic sealing equipment market, occupying a large part of the domestic market share. Of course, this is inseparable from its own advantages. Generally speaking, the rubber seals O-ring used in pump and valve equipment is very simple in structure, simple in processing technology and greatly reduced in cost. Therefore, it can better adapt to the installation and application regulations in practical applications, and is easy to disassemble and assemble. Therefore, coupled with good sealing ability, it has become a hot commodity in the sealing market. The rubber seals O-ring is generally installed in the pipe groove. If the design size is inaccurate and there is a specification deviation, due to certain shrinkage, it is likely that the contact surface between the surface of the rubber O-ring and the pipe groove is incomplete, and the sealing effect is not optimal, or the rubber O-ring shrinks too much, and the pipe The edge of the groove is squeezed by a certain stress, causing the rubber O-ring to be directly damaged, the sealing effect will be greatly reduced, and the use cost will be greatly increased. During sealing work, rubber seals O ring manufactures are also frequently exposed to fuel. If the anti-corrosion properties are poor, it is easy to be corroded by the fuel, resulting in a low elastic state, which in turn affects the sealing effect. When the pressure of the liquid in the seal is greater, the deformation level of the rubber O-ring will be higher, and the pressure on the sealing surface will gradually increase during the sealing process, so the sealing effect will be more obvious, which is also important for the good sealing effect of the rubber O-ring. reason.
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