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Reasons for the good sealing performance of rubber O-rings

by:ORK      2022-11-08
Reasons for the good sealing performance of rubber O-rings The sealing performance of rubber seals O ring manufactures has always been a problem that customers are very concerned about. Today, the editor of Ningbo Zhonggao Sealing Technology Co., Ltd. will introduce to you the reasons for its good sealing performance. I hope you can update your product. In the sealing market, rubber O-rings have always been a key commodity. It can be said that it occupies a large part of the sealing market share. The reason it is so popular is inseparable from its own advantages. Compared with other seals, the structure of the sealing ring is very simple, so the manufacturing process is very simple and the cost is greatly reduced. Therefore, in specific use, it can better adapt to the installation environment and usage regulations. In addition, it is easy to disassemble and has good sealing ability. Once it is launched, it will become a hot commodity in the sealing market. This product is generally installed in the pipe trench. Therefore, when planning products, once the specifications are inaccurate and there is a large deviation between the product size and the pipe trench specifications, it will lead to poor sealing performance, leakage problems, and even failure to install. This is because the product itself has a certain compressive force. If the dimensional error is large, the surface of the sealing ring cannot fully contact the contact surface of the pipe groove, and the sealing effect cannot be achieved. If the compression force of the sealing ring is too large, the sealing ring will be directly damaged due to some stress on the edge of the pipe groove, the sealing characteristics will be naturally reduced, and the use cost will also be significantly increased. During sealing work, the sealing ring is always in contact with the fuel. If the material used in the sealing ring itself has poor anti-corrosion properties, it is easily corroded by fuel, and then shows poor elasticity, which affects the sealing effect. When the pressure of the liquid during the sealing process is greater, the deformation level of the sealing ring is greater, the pressure on the raised surface during the sealing process is greater, and the sealing effect is more obvious, which is also an important reason for the good sealing effect of the sealing ring. The following points should be paid attention to when installing the sealing ring: 1. In order to ensure the normal operation and use of the sealing element, the installation environment should be kept clean to avoid mixing impurities into the sealing device during the installation process. 2. Be careful when installing, remember not to be scratched by sharp edges such as threads or sharp corners. 15 should be left between the mounting shaft end and the hole end°~30°introduction angle. 3. When installing, make sure that the installation location is correct. 4. During the installation process, the sealing ring should be kept in its natural state to avoid distortion. Before installation, you must purchase qualified rubber O-rings, and there will be no burrs and internal burrs on the surface of the qualified sealing ring.
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