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Recommended processing steps for fluororubber compound products

by:ORK      2022-10-21
Storage and maintenance: The product is packaged to avoid contact with contamination and absorption of water. In the future use, operation and treatment, possible problems should also be avoided. After each treatment, it should be sealed, handled and stored properly. Mixed rubber The storage life of the product can be more than six months, and the storage does not need to be refrigerated, but the storage temperature should be below 30 ° C. Excessive temperature will significantly accelerate the vulcanization speed and reduce the scorch resistance. Exposure to sulphur can affect the vulcanization system, causing bubbles or slowing the vulcanization rate, and 0.25 parts of sulphur will even prevent vulcanization completely. Refining: Before preforming and molding, it should be hot-finished on a clean open mill. There is no need to make thin passes during hot refining, and the rubber can be released after the rubber seals material becomes soft and the roll is well formed. The rubber materials that have just been released should not be overlapped, and can be stacked after cooling to room temperature. Pre-forming: According to mold and product requirements, pre-form the film with the same size, shape and reset, and beware of various possible contamination during the pre-forming process. Next: The oil seal compound in the rubber compound has been fully considered for the adhesion with the metal skeleton during the production, and the surface treatment of the metal skeleton is necessary. The recommended adhesives are Thixon300/301 and Chemlok5150. Molding: The mold is preferably chrome-plated or high-hardness. Appropriately spraying release agent on the mold during molding will get better demoulding effect. The molding temperature is 160°C to 190°C, and the molding time is generally 3 to 7 minutes, depending on the thickness of the product. The processing technology may be different from the actual processing technology, and it is recommended to adjust it according to the actual situation. Vulcanization: Fluorine rubber products need to be vulcanized in two stages to achieve the best physical and chemical properties. The usual vulcanization conditions are 230℃@16~24H. If the parts are bonded to metal, 200℃@16~24H is recommended. The second-stage vulcanization oven should be equipped with a blast device, which can maintain a uniform and constant temperature and discharge the second-stage in time. Sulfurized volatiles. https://www.orksealing.com/
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