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Related applications of sealing rings in seals

by:ORK      2022-11-13
Related applications of sealing rings in seals: IIR butyl rubber seals sealing ring has particularly good air tightness, good heat resistance, sunlight resistance, ozone resistance, good insulation performance, and is resistant to polar solvents such as alcohols, ketones, esters, etc. Very resistant to exposure to animal and vegetable oils or oxidatives. Suitable for chemical resistant or vacuum equipment. Not recommended for use with petroleum solvents, kerosene or aromatic hydrocarbons. The general operating temperature range is -50~110℃. EPDM EPDM rubber seals sealing ring: has good weather resistance, ozone resistance, water resistance and chemical resistance. It can be used for alcohols and ketones, and can also be used for sealing in high temperature water vapor environment. It is suitable for sanitary equipment, automobile radiator and automobile braking system. Not recommended for food use or exposure to mineral oil. Seal NR natural rubber seals sealing ring: has good wear resistance, elasticity, breaking strength and elongation. However, it is easy to age in the air, becomes sticky when heated, swells and dissolves easily in mineral oil or gasoline, and is resistant to alkalis but not strong acids. It is suitable for use in automobile brake fluid, ethanol and other liquids with hydroxide ions. Company website:
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