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Related classification of automobile rubber sealing strip

by:ORK      2022-11-02
Automobile door and window rubber sealing strips can be divided into solid core products (round, square, flat section shapes), hollow products and metal-rubber composite products according to the cross-sectional shape. Among them, metal-rubber composite sealing strip accounts for more than 60%. The section design is very important for the rubber sealing strip. The first is the shape and size design of the sealing lip. The sealing lips on both sides should contact the glass from both sides of the window glass with the same and appropriate force. The length and thickness of the lip should be appropriate. Too thick and too long will make the glass lift resistance too large. If too thin or too short, the glass will not be well guided and sealed, resulting in vibration, noise and rain leakage. The shape and size of the bottom of the section are designed. There are protrusions on the section of the steel groove of the window. Its function is to assemble the guide groove. Therefore, the bottom of the guide groove section should be designed with a corresponding structure, which is easy to install and can use the elasticity of the sealing strip itself. It is attached to the steel guide groove to prevent it from coming out; the last is the shape and size of the outer edge. In order to improve the appearance, the outer surface of the guide groove should be closely fitted with the body. According to the vulcanization method, it can be divided into: (1) discontinuous vulcanization method (cut the extruded rubber strip to a certain length, put it into a curing tank for vulcanization, and put the extruded rubber strip semi-finished product into a model for vulcanization); (2) ) Continuous vulcanization method (microwave continuous vulcanization method, salt bath continuous vulcanization method, hot air continuous vulcanization method, etc.). A. Microwave continuous vulcanization composite sealing strip: Microwave vulcanization technology is a production technology that was applied and widely promoted after the foreign energy crisis in the 1970s. The use of microwave continuous vulcanization technology can not only produce composite rubber strips made of metal core, solid core rubber and sponge rubber seals, but also is superior to other continuous vulcanization devices in terms of energy saving and work efficiency. This technology is recognized by the world as the best process method for producing extruded products. The characteristic of microwave heating is that the heat is directly generated in the heated object, rather than being input from the outside as usual, which not only generates heat quickly, but also distributes it evenly, which is conducive to improving product quality and greatly shortening the heating time. B. Salt-bath continuous vulcanization sealing strip: Salt-bath vulcanization adopts a salt bath system containing nitrite, which has great environmental pollution and has been gradually eliminated. C. Hot air vulcanization sealing strip: Hot air vulcanization has been developed to strong wind type vulcanization, that is, the use of high temperature and high speed hot air vulcanization can also achieve the effect of flame pretreatment, and the safety is greatly improved. According to the parts and uses used in the car, it can be divided into: (1) window glass seals; (2) door seals; (3) decorative strips and moldings; (4) other seals (trunk lid seals) , hood seals, water tank seals, emergency door seals, etc.). Company website: https://www.orksealing.com/
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