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repair work on singur project gates under way

by:ORK      2020-02-29
Bihar bungobin Patel is in his early 30 s this year.
He has been here with five other people in the past two months.
Even if people watched from a distance, he climbed down from the gate of the Singhal dam with the help of a rope tied to an emergency door fixed for one of the gates.
Gobind Patel and his colleagues, wearing waterproof trousers, went down to the basement of the gate and the water poured out from the gap in the emergency gate.
Their job is to remove the old wire tied to the gate and replace them with the new wire.
Later, they had to replace the rubber seals at the bottom of the gate to prevent any water leakage.
They are drilling holes in rubber seals that are bolted to the gate.
The team started working at 9. m. to 6 p. m.
Sunday is a holiday, every day.
It took them about seven days to replace the wire of the gate and fix the rubber seal.
\"We have been working for the last two months and it may take another two to three months to replace the wires and rubber seals for all the other doors.
All the materials needed were purchased by the company, which hired us and provided us with accommodation here . \"
India, said Gobind.
\"Swapna project Private Limited has received a tender project with an amount of 1. 7 crore.
\"Replacing Wire ropes and rubber seals for two gates,\" said irrigation engineer Ramulu . \".
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