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Routine maintenance of sealing packing

by:ORK      2022-11-10
The section of the combined U-shaped packing sealing ring is U-shaped, as shown in Figure 26.3-8. It is composed of a rubber seals U-ring 1 of elastic sandwich fabric and a rubber retaining ring 2 of rigid sandwich fabric. The lips of the U-shaped ring are integrated with the support ring between the lips, and its convex tail closely matches the groove of the retaining ring. Combined U-shaped packing sealing ring, suitable for sealing installation of hydraulic cylinder piston packing of heavy machinery. (1) Features·Compact structure, small axial dimension and long service life;·Good movement stability, good rigidity and anti-distortion;·Operates at high pressure, resists“extrude”good sex;·The retaining ring can be elastic in the radial direction under the effect of high pressure liquid.“expansion”, which constitutes an active packing sealing compensation effect. Therefore, leakage is very small. (2) Combination limitations·Working medium: oil, water and emulsion, etc.;·Maximum operating pressure boundary: 40MPa;·Operating temperature range: -30℃+120℃;·Maximum speed of movement:≤0.5m/s. (3) Dimensional design and assembly of packing sealing installation The packing sealing installation of the combined U-shaped packing sealing ring can have good packing sealing effect and long service life as long as the structural dimensions are properly matched. When designing, it should be designed with reference to the structural dimensions shown in Figure 26.3-9 and Table 26.3-16. Valves used in the production and installation of petroleum products, liquefied separation of petroleum gas and natural gas, and liquid oxygen. Due to the extremely low temperature of the fluid (such as -162°C for liquefied natural gas and -196°C for liquid oxygen), flammable, explosive, and strong permeability, this type of valve should have the following characteristics in structure, material selection and manufacturing. Requirements: ① adopt“giraffe”It is constructed to protect the packing for valve stem packing and to facilitate the installation of cold insulation layer; ② For the gate valve and fixed ball valve of the gate plate, a hole should be drilled or a safety valve should be installed on the high pressure side of the plate or ball to avoid high pressure caused by liquid vaporization; ③ When the temperature is higher than -100℃, the valve body and valve cover should be made of ferritic alloy steel. When the temperature is lower than -100℃, austenitic stainless steel, aluminum alloy or copper alloy should be used, and the sealing of low temperature packing should be affected. Cryogenic treatment of flexible parts. For valves with extremely low temperature, vacuum jacket structure can be used to reduce cold loss; ④ Some products need to be tested for low temperature packing. Parts or assemblies used to prevent liquid or gas leakage from packing sealing effect. According to the difference of packing sealing work mode, it can be divided into clearance packing sealing and contact packing sealing. Gap packing seals include labyrinth packing seals, centrifugal separation seals, spiral packing seals, pneumatic packing seals, hydraulic packing seals, etc. Contact packing seals include felt packing seals, gland packing packing seals, forming Packing packing seal, leather bowl packing packing, ring packing packing, mechanical packing packing, etc. The main factors affecting the quality of its work are the packing seal structure, the material of the packing seal, the surface quality of the packing sealed parts, and the conditions for the use of the device. Also called shaft seal. A contacting torsion shaft packing seal installation. The packing seal relies on its own deformation force and fluid pressure to make it closely fit with the shaft, and the contact surface is slightly worn, or when the change of temperature and load causes the gap to expand, the packing seal is maintained by the rebound of the packing seal sex. The packing installed by the radial packing seal has good sealing performance, but it takes work to restrain the friction force, and the packing sealing surface will heat up and wear. There are packing packing seal, lip packing seal, three-arc packing packing ring and other types. The packing packing seal is to fill the packing material between the shaft and the casing to block the leakage gap, which is suitable for the work under the conditions of low speed, normal temperature and normal pressure. The lip packing seal uses the lip of the packing seal to contact the shaft, and the radial leakage gap is separated. It is suitable for torsion where the tangential speed is less than 40 m/s, the working time is short and the packing sealing pressure is less than 0.3 MPa. Shaft packing seal. PTFE has the characteristics of small friction coefficient, wide working temperature range and corrosion resistance, and is a commonly used packing sealing material on turbo pumps of liquid rocket engines. The three-arc-segment packing sealing ring uses annular springs to fasten three arc-shaped blocks to make their inner and outer surfaces fit with the shaft. There is a small gap of 0.3-0.6 mm between the arc-shaped blocks, and the inner and outer surfaces are slightly When worn, the spring can still make it fit with the shaft to ensure the sealing of the packing. The use of multi-layer three-arc packing sealing ring can improve the sealing performance of the packing. Company website: https://www.orksealing.com/
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