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Rubber guardrail caps are used on highway railing posts_Rubber seals_Rubber seal manufacturers

by:ORK      2022-11-25
The rubber guardrail cap is used on the road railing post. The rubber seals guardrail cap is used on the road railing post. Install the zinc steel fence. Fixed base/internal card, etc. When using three-sided card and two-sided U-shaped card, you need to use stainless steel anti-theft screws, because the fixing hole of this connector is large, specially designed for anti-theft screws, and some customers will use some small holes on three sides Cards and U-shaped cards, in this way, stainless steel drill screws are used. The three-pack card and the double-sided card are attached to the column tube when in use, and a long anti-theft screw is also used to connect the two connectors together. The fixed base is divided into a fixed base with lugs and a fixed base without lugs. These types of connectors all use drill screws, and the materials are divided into galvanized iron and cast aluminum. The inner card should be used with plastic gaskets. The installation method of this type of connector is similar to that of the fixed seat, and the shape is similar to the three-pack card and the double-sided card. The biggest feature is that it can be installed inside the pipe, with good waterproof and concealment. Fences and columns can also be installed without connectors, and can be directly welded on the columns, which is similar to iron fences. The welding method is firm for a while, but it is easy to be corroded by rain for a long time. The package card and the two-package card are also welded, and the reason is the same as direct welding. Fences and columns can be installed in a variety of ways. The key lies in the customer's personal preference. The welding method should be treated with anti-rust treatment, and zinc supplementation can be carried out. The above content is provided by
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