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by:ORK      2020-07-13
industry is one of the important pillar of the national economy industry, have a very important role on the development of human society. is aerospace, electrical and electronic, medical and health care, and automotive, petroleum, chemical, machinery, electronics, instrumentation, light industry, construction, mining, agriculture, and new energy industries indispensable polymer materials, is irreplaceable in defense cutting-edge industry key materials. With the rapid development of high and new technology, the use of rubber performance put forward higher requirements, single rubber materials have been unable to fully meet the application requirements, in order to widen the application range of the rubber, need to be modified. High-performance, environmentally friendly, points out, biological and muti_function change is the development direction of contemporary rubber modification. modification including chemical modification and physical modification. Chemical modification by certain chemical reactions, the introduction of different functional groups on the molecular chain or chain segments, through changing the structure of the polymer, used to the target. Hydrogenation, cyclization, halide, graft copolymerization, epoxidation, belongs to chemical modification. Chemical modification can be done in the synthesis of rubber phase directly, can also be carried out after synthetic macromolecular of macromolecular chemical modification, and modification in the process of rubber seals processing. and rubber and rubber seals and resin blend, such as rubber filling belongs to physical modification. Two or more of the rubber and can complement each other, not only the most important, and so on operational performance, process performance can be achieved excellent comprehensive performance and low cost of rubber materials. Which are difficult to overcome the problem is that the compatibility of various components and sulfide. At present, the ways to solve these problems mainly is the selection of suitable vulcanization system and compatilizer, make each component is able to cure. It also can be mixed from craft to improve. Reasonable formula and proper compatilizer and correct processing technology can make the rubber material achieve the desired performance requirements. modified highly attention at present, many modification methods in rubber products has been widely used in the process of production, 19 years rubber seal factory, can according to customer demand design suitable rubber seals, more knowledge of rubber welcome consultation.
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