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Rubber moulded out different

by:ORK      2020-07-18
products have a variety of shapes, such as the shape of a square, circular, abnormity and different, and different shapes with different process to make production and become, following with everybody to know the different moulding and extrusion. Mold, rubber raw materials in a closed cavity model for product by means of heating, pressure method of rubber processing, rubber mold is generally the powder flake pieces, in a heated mold cavity, and then closed die pressure, make its shaping and curing or sulfide, then through stripping into products, this method is especially suitable for the thermosetting molding products. Advantages: 1. Can be used to make any shape 2. Such as O ring, seal oil seal and so on a variety of different shapes. 3. High precision, shape rules beautiful shortcomings: 1. Normally only do 600 mm length less than 2. Long production period and low efficiency. 3. 4 production process will produce a lot of burrs and waste. Mold cost is more expensive, development cycle is long out of silica gel products usually by extrusion of silicone extrusion molding machine, when the temperature of the extruder is from low to high, the section of the extrusion expansion rate changes from small to big; Different kinds of rubber seals or rubber content of mixing rubber seals, its extrusion products section in different expansion rate; Generally extruding silicone strip shape, length can be cut at random, advantages: 1. Short production cycle and high capacity of 2. Three little waste. Mold is cheap, convenient development rapid faults: 1. It into two. Accuracy, almost part shape is difficult to produce above, advantages and disadvantages of each moulding and extrusion technology products, choice of different process has been 18 years of professional seal manufacturer leading by the quality, take the customer as the main, pursue the perfection of product details and perfect, seal factory, can according to the size of the you provide samples, drawings, to design and choose the right material for you, for you to customize the suitable products, if you want to customize the sealing strip, silica gel, o-ring seal products, such as consulting service hotline:
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