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Rubber O-ring effect

by:ORK      2022-11-08
Advantages of rubber O-ring effect: Compared with other types of sealing rings, rubber O-ring has the following advantages: 1. Applicable to various sealing forms: static sealing: dynamic sealing. Suitable for materials and sizes for various purposes 2. Suitable for a variety of motion modes: rotary motion, radial repetitive motion or combined motion (such as rotary combined motion); 3. Suitable for various sealing materials: water. Gas. According to appropriate plastic materials and proper formulation design, chemical substances or other mixed substances can achieve effective sealing effect on oil, water, gas, gas and various chemical substances. Widely used temperature (-60℃~+220℃), the pressure in fixed use can reach 1500Kg/cm2 (used together with reinforcement ring). 4. The design is simple, the structure is exquisite, and the disassembly and assembly are convenient. The cross-sectional structure of the rubber O-ring is extremely simple, with self-sealing effect and reliable sealing performance. Since the structure of the rubber seals O-ring itself and the installation location is very simple and standardized, it is very easy to install and replace. 5. The variety of materials can be selected according to different liquids: nitrile rubber (NBR), fluorine rubber (FKM), silica gel (SIL), ethylene propylene diene rubber seals (EPDM), neoprene (CR), natural rubber (NR) Hydrogenated nitrile rubber (HNBR). Butyl rubber (IIR). Fluorosilicone rubber (FLS). 6. Low cost.
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