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by:ORK      2020-07-19
blending meaning: to improve process performance, operational performance and technical and economic performance. Many special requirements of rubber is, in the form of rubber and or rubber and allocate the after processing and use of special formula. blending content: compatibility to form homogeneous body ability: thermodynamic compatibility, process compatible blend morphology: continuous phase and dispersed phase, interface compound distribution in the blend, curing agent, distribution of the packing material, rubber seals crosslinking and physical properties of process compatibility: by the method of mechanical mixing thermodynamic incompatible system or other condition, can get enough and stable blend, the blend composition in the area of the micro heterogeneous form, but on the macro can still maintain its uniformity. Polymer blends influence factors: mixing process conditions: time, intensity, temperature, and processing method of formula: raw rubber, blending ratio, compatibilizer and processing AIDS
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