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Rubber o-rings

by:ORK      2020-07-29
o-rings is suitable for all kinds of laser machinery equipment in the prescribed temperature, pressure, and different liquid and gas medium, plays a role of sealing under static or motion. In the bathroom, ships, automobiles, hardware, electronics, toys, electrical appliances, machinery, and various instruments and meters, a large number of application of various types of the sealing element. Compared with other type of sealing ring, rubber type O sealing ring has the following advantages: suitable for a variety of sealing form: static seal, dynamic seal is suitable for various USES material, size and groove has been standardized, strong interchangeability is suitable for a variety of ways: rotary motion, axial reciprocating motion or combination of movement, Rotating combination of reciprocating movement, for example) Suitable for a variety of sealing medium: oil, water, gas, or other chemical substances mixed medium rubber o-rings section structure is extremely simple, and have since the sealing function, sealed performance is reliable. Due to the rubber o-rings itself and installation site structure is extremely simple, and has formed a standardized, so install replacement in the laser equipment are very easy. If you need a custom rubber seals seal products: oil seal, o-rings, miscellaneous pieces, and other rubber products, please find us
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have three basic components.
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