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by:ORK      2020-07-18
In the production of rubber seals products mold, the first problem is to consider mold the selection of raw materials. According to the quality of the products, quantity, structure, etc. To determine the mould material. Mold material selection is the whole mold a very important link in the production process. mold material need to meet three requirements: first, the mold meet the demand of abrasion resistance, strong toughness, etc; Second, the mold meet the technological requirements; Again, the mold should meet the requirements of economic applicability. Mold satisfies the requirement of working conditions, wear resistance, strong toughness, fatigue fracture properties, high temperature resistance, cold and hot fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance mold meet economy requirements: to die when select material, economy this principle must be considered, as far as possible to reduce the manufacturing cost. Therefore, on the premise of meet the performance, first choose low price, you won't have to alloy steel with carbon steel, can use domestic material don't have imported materials. In addition, still should consider when select material the production and supply of the market, the selected steel should be less as far as possible and concentrated, easy to buy. The mold material selection knowledge can better let the advantages of the mould. To offer better quality mould. If you need a custom rubber seal products: oil seal, o-rings, miscellaneous pieces, and other rubber products, please find us
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