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by:ORK      2020-07-18
On the rubber products production of waste gas treatment, have formed some effective way to handle it, but as a result of processing in a different way, on the treatment effect and the advantages and disadvantages on is not the same. 1. Combustion method has high processing efficiency, can be dealt with a concentration of exhaust gas, but the process also requires a lot of fuel consumption, and must be continued, the accompanying nox emissions, so the cost is higher; 2. Biological treatment method to deal with low concentration of exhaust gas, and has the advantages of low cost but high concentration of exhaust gas treatment effect is not good, need to take up a lot of space, the biological environment is difficult to obtain, so it is not convenient; 3. Activated carbon adsorption device, although the economic and practical, widely used, but with the increase of environmental inspections, around the this equipment is more and more unable to achieve national standards; 4. Photocatalytic oxidation technology, is a certain pressure and temperature conditions, the use of ultraviolet light as a catalyst, the rubber material and in the exhaust air, oxygen and antioxidant substances such as oxidation treatment process, this kind of method is compared with the two methods have obvious advantages, its processing efficiency is very high, and does not require high temperature conditions, the cost is low. Its disadvantage is that in addition to flavor, deodorant effect is obvious, but you can't volatile organic waste gas composition in the exhaust purification rubber. 5. Plasma decomposition method, after many years of experience in engineering practice, the effective governance of volatile organic waste gas, and covers an area of space, fuel consumption, secondary pollutants have obvious advantages in many aspects, and good adaptability of exhaust gas composition and concentration of exhaust gas, can effective purifying flue gas generated in rubber industry, exhaust gas and fetor, applicability of rubber seals products industry waste gas. Can be seen from the above analysis, the processing of rubber products waste gas, the simple use of a single purification technology is not wise, must adopt the way of the use of multiple handling, can only be the most efficient way to deal with waste gas. If you need a custom rubber parts, oil seal, o-rings, seals, and other rubber products, please find us
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