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Rubber products and rubber pieces silicone products

by:ORK      2020-07-18
In the process of production will find silicone products crisp, very easy to break, seriously affected the production, and crisp silicone products also can not meet the requirements on the service life. So, the reason of the brittle silicone products are what? A, the structure of the silica gel products or mould design lead to the product easy to break. Product structure or mold design is not reasonable, resulting in the silicone products forming shatter easily, solution: change the structure of the product or mould to achieve improved, for example: the thin places a little upset, pour a little rounded orthogonal place and so on. Second, the mold temperature is too high or curing time is too long lead to brittle silicone products. Solution: reduce the temperature control of curing time. Three, two times sulfur and ventilated bad or temperature is too high to cause brittle silicone products. Solution: pay attention to adjusting secondary plus sulfur ventilation and temperature control for more rubber seals pieces of information, can be focused on the seal, if you need custom seals, can call 24 h online service hotline: articles from the official website, reprint please indicate the source
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