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by:ORK      2020-07-18
Coloring method of rubber products mainly include surface coloring two kinds of coloring and mixing raw material. Surface of the table is the coloring coating to the surface of the rubber products, rubber products coloring. Have certain effect, the method of static product dynamic products, colorants easy peeling, easy to rub off. The main method of mixing color is the rubber color, two points method and the mixed solution method. The mixing method and powder color, paste coloring, aggregate, coloring, and mother tried several methods such as color of stalemate. Color: solution method is rubber products with its good solvent dissolved into a certain concentration of solution, and then will stain and besides sulfur rubber seals compound added to the solution of homogeneous mixing and drying under a certain temperature to remove the solvent, finally in rubber mixing machine sulfur. This coloring method is complex, coloring and compound scattered unevenly, have off color, solvent recovery hard, environmental pollution, has been less used. Mixing method of coloring: powder coloring this kind of method is directly to the powdered colorant with small material together with rubber, the mixing machine mixing. The method has the advantage of simple operation, low cost, but mixed with dust, pollution of the environment, and not easy to disperse evenly, have off color, if the particle quality too thick, also can cause color dots, stripes or chromatographic mutual pollution, quality problems, is now less used. For ease of use, powdered colorant can be made with stearic acid, sulfate, such as colorant dispersed, the market for sale. The law is to stain and paste colored liquid compound ( Such as plasticizer) Mix, made of three roller grinding paste or paste, and then according to certain proportion to join the rubber mixing. This method can avoid the dust float in the sky, and conducive to disperse in rubber colorant, uniform color. But paste in the low content of the colorant, color is not high, volume is big, loss is big, the user use is not convenient. Mother refined ankylose the color this way is to first colorants, part of the plasticizer and rubber compound and other raw rubber made by mixing mill mixture concentration is about 50% of the colorants rubber mixing, then mixed in proportion to the rubber color. This method of fine particles and difficult to disperse colorants colouring is effective, hair color even, without off color. Cooperate with mother pay attention to when the concentration of the colorant in rubber mixing and deduct the amount of other additives in the rubber mixing. Want to know more seal products related information, can call 24 h online service hotline: articles from, reprint please indicate the source
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