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by:ORK      2020-07-18
Black and white is the base of color, and it is these two kinds of color is difficult to achieve satisfactory. Black rubber products generally are adding carbon black or black mother, often can not meet the satisfactory result of blackness or, 18 years experience in rubber seal for you to answer: a, selection of carbon black. products of blackness will rise with an increase in the amount of carbon black, but when the dosage of carbon black reaches a certain blackness of rubber products are no longer rising ( If the dosage of the special purpose carbon black is too much, such as anti-aging, conductive) 。 The kinds of carbon black is also very important, different carbon black due to the number, size, etc, the difference between the tinting strength, hue, oil absorption value is not exactly the same. Our experiments found that the so-called high carbon black pigment or special carbon black rubber products is not better than ordinary carbon black a lot. Second, add pigment. Before the data are said to join phthalein cyanine can improve the blackness of rubber seals products, phthalein cyanine can eliminate carbon black yellow improve rubber black degrees. But in the experiments, phthalein can make desaturation of rubber carbon black, blue, grey color. Therefore in the process of match color rubber products, I joined a small amount of whitening agent, can significantly improve the rubber seals product saturation and blackness. Three, less as far as possible in the system and titanium white strong covering power, such as the raw material of rubber seals products want to learn more about knowledge, can call 24 h online service hotline: 18 years experience for you to answer the article from the website, reprint please indicate the source
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