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Rubber seal factory which good? Teach you how to identify manufacturers and small workshops

by:ORK      2020-07-17
seal factory which good? Due to the development of the Internet, many people immediately think of to find online, via the Internet to find a good factory of rubber seals, but also have the sham as the genuine thering is no lack of small workshops, and small workshops as small make up teach you how to identify the manufacturer. 1. seal factory which good? First to see whether the manufacturer's experience, the first general in more than 10 years of corporate experience are rich, but must pay attention to some words: how many years of experience sometimes is not real, many manufacturers from the founder in this industry began to calculate the contact at the beginning, and is not the time to the company founded, so when the choice of rubber seals seal factory when needed. 2. Second need to look at the size of the rubber seal factory, this believe that many people purchase will pay attention to this problem, can achieve the strength of a certain scale can be relied on. 3. Generally more professional rubber seal factory is their own molds, machining can be developed independently design mold. There are also a lot of can tell is a professional factory of rubber seals or small workshops, so everyone in the choice of time must polish eyes, so as to avoid subsequent is affected by the product quality, order delivery. Seal 17 years of professional rubber seal factory, founded in guangzhou in 2001, because of the growing scale, in 2009 moved to dongguan, so far has been in guangzhou, dongguan, Shanghai, hefei, wuhan, sichuan and other places has seven branches or offices, customers throughout mainland China, Japan, Europe and the United States, product marketing world.
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