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Rubber seal how to store?

by:ORK      2020-07-15
seal is because of its good elasticity, therefore can achieve good sealing effect, such as storage is not a good will affect the sealing effect, so what points need to be paid attention to when storing rubber seals? 1, the temperature of 5 ℃ to 25 ℃ is an ideal storage temperature, should not be higher than 25 ℃, should avoid contact with heat source and the sun. Of rubber seals, taken from the state of low temperature storage, should be placed in normal temperature environment more than 10 minutes, before use. 2, cleaning: according to the need, can be cleaned with soap and water to seal. Disinfectant, organic solvents, sharp tools should not be used. After cleaning the seals should be dried at room temperature, not close to the heat source, storage environment of rubber seals should be kept clean. 3, humidity: warehouse should be lower than 70% relative humidity. To avoid too wet or too dry, do not appear condensation phenomenon. 4, lighting: rubber seals should avoid light storage, especially to avoid the strong sunlight and ultraviolet light. The packing bag of uv can provide the best protection. Suggestions on the Windows of the warehouse with red or orange paint or film. 5, radiation: to avoid damage of ionizing radiation on the seals. 6, deformation: rubber seals should be possible with free state of relaxation place, avoid the tensile, compression, other deformation, such as should not be suspended, stacked, etc. 7) packing: rubber seals shall not contact solvent, grease, magnetic materials, etc. Will damage the rubber material. Can't use PVC material to packing seal. 8, storage period: the shelf life of rubber seal is determined by the category of the rubber seals material. 9, oxygen and ozone: rubber seals should avoid exposure to the circulating air. By packaging, winding, store in airtight container, or other appropriate methods to achieve this purpose. In storage space, should not have to produce ozone equipment, such as mercury vapor lamp, easy to produce sparks or static electricity high voltage electrical appliances, motor. To learn more knowledge of rubber seals, consultation:, sealing pieces 18 years of professional manufacturers, professional to provide customers with one-stop sealing solutions.
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