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Rubber seal in the installation time need to pay attention to?

by:ORK      2020-07-16
seals sometimes although only a small part, but to the whole product also has the vital role; seals wrong installation method will not only damage the seals, and sometimes may leave a safe hidden trouble, and rubber seal installation need to pay attention to what? 1, do not damage the surface of the rubber seal sealing surface or seal line plane sealing performance depends on two end face seal, the sealing performance of hydraulic seals rely on associated with hole or shaft with lip line, these areas by both soft and rich resilience of heat resistance, corrosion resistance, ageing resistance of graphite, rubber seals, fiber of these vulnerable special material, which needs in the process of handling, installation, care to give special protection and care, once the damage to the sealing parts tend to leave hidden trouble. 2, cannot forced to install some rubber seal is in the groove of the stuffing box, then need fitting installation, construction is not rough, rough, when the great forced into action would destroy the rubber seal original precast structure, for this kind of rubber seals need to be careful, careful, embedded must successive step by step. 3, when installation should pay attention to the balance and symmetry rubber seals placed in just the closely related to the position of effective seal face or lip line, and open system after use, still need to do further observation and tighten the aftermath of the seals, to prevent the system working process due to the change of working conditions such as pressure, and micro leakage caused by dam. Whether it is a rubber seal itself to product quality and installation methods of whole sealing has an important impact, if you have any questions about the rubber seals need to know, welcome consulting seal, 18 years professional seals manufacturer!
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