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Rubber seal in the production of the bubbles are produced when the reason and solution Dongguan DongSheng di sealing products co. , LTD

by:ORK      2020-07-16
seal in the process of production of vulcanization will not only affected by temperature, time and pressure, some of the details of the operation may also lead to bubbles in production of rubber products, so what is the reason of bubble and solution? One, the causes of bubble 1, the material itself, raw materials in rubber mixing, the air is coated inside the material, cause in the process of machining, materials and air together into the mold, if the mould with no exhaust slot or processing is not set in the exhaust process, air trapped inside the mold, easily makes the rubber seals have bubbles or porosity; 2, screw in the coiling material, the volume of air at the same time to the equipment; 3, material containing water is relatively more; 4, extrusion, injection material too, become turbulent, lead to the bubble. Second, the solution 1, most of the reason could be the raw materials, in another batch material, or is the time when the exhaust not lined up; Number 2, rubber mixing to increase its BoTong, avoid air residual; 3, vulcanization molding machine suggest use vacuum forming machine, avoid pressure injection molding into the air. In the production of rubber seals seals have bubbles can occur in a more or less, which requires our production staff always pay attention to check the quality of the rubber seals, timely find problems and solve the problem, avoid raw materials, the waste of time, cost and delivery date. Has more than 30 professional technicians, 18 years of rubber seal factory, experienced, in some of the problems appeared in the process of production of rubber seals, has accumulated a set of effective solutions, and has the original DSP lean management system, the independent development joint own enterprise ERP system, professional custom suitable rubber seals, for the customer hotline:.
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