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Rubber Seal Manufacturer's Skeleton Seal Construction

by:ORK      2022-11-07
The skeleton seal of the rubber seals sealing ring manufacturer is the typicality of the skeleton seal, which means that the skeleton seal generally refers to the skeleton seal. The function of the skeleton seal is generally to protect the components and load rate components that must be lubricated in the transmission system components, so that the grease will not leak. The frame is like the steel reinforcement in the concrete project, which has the effect of lifting and makes the frame seal maintain its shape and support. According to the structure, it is divided into single lip skeleton seal and lip skeleton seal. The auxiliary lip sealed by the lip frame has anti-fouling effect to prevent external dust and residues from entering the inside of the equipment. According to the frame form, it can be divided into inner skeleton seal, exposed skeleton seal and prefabricated building skeleton seal. According to the working standard, it can be divided into rotary frame seal and back-and-forth frame seal. Used for vehicle gasoline crankshafts, diesel crankshafts, transmissions, transfer cases, shock absorbers, diesel engines, axles, etc. The skeleton seal structure detailed by the rubber seals sealing ring manufacturer consists of three parts: the skeleton seal body, the lifting frame and the self-tightening compression spring. The sealing body is divided into the bottom end, the sealing structure of the waist frame, the tooth surface and the sealing lip according to different positions. Generally, the skeleton seal under random conditions, its nominal diameter is smaller than the shaft diameter, that is, it has a certain“interference”. Therefore, when the skeleton seal is installed on the skeleton seal seat and the shaft, the working pressure of the skeleton seal tooth surface and the retracting force of the self-tightening compression spring cause a certain axial force distance to the shaft. After a period of operation, the working pressure will be Rapid reduction or even subsidence, therefore, adding springy yellow can compensate for the self-tightening force of the skeleton seal anytime and anywhere.
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