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by:ORK      2022-11-22
The main reason for the cracking of the rubber fender is that the impact of the fender of the fender is too large, which exceeds the load on the rubber fender. And the impact kinetic energy of the ship is too large, because the speed of the ship and the angle of the ship are too large. Especially when the ship is larger, the bow is located in front of the hull and rubber fenders, causing strong impact kinetic energy to concentrate on one or more fenders, resulting in damage to the rubber seals fenders. In addition to the above reasons, there are berths larger than the design of the ship and the tonnage of the ship, and the impact of wind and waves on the ship. The friction between the rubber fenders and the hull contact part is too large, forcing the ship forward, causing the fenders to be cut and damaged. In addition, during mooring operations, the vessel sometimes needs to move back and forth, as well as the flow of the vessel caused by waves, left or right or up and down. In this case, when the coefficient of friction between the boat and the rubber fender is 0.4 (if the cable is too tight), it may cause damage to the fender. The main performance of the poor quality of the fuselage is the fender itself cracking, shelling, aging, poor flexibility, etc. One of the most common cases is cracking and peeling. Women's Hong Kong 8 to 12 berths use 1000 cylindrical fenders, when the fenders are circumferentially split from one monolith into two or more monoliths. This is related to factors such as the influence of the ship and the influence of the natural environment, but the main reason is the poor quality of the fender (according to the analysis, the fender vulcanization failed). Whenever this happens, the performance of the fender degrades rapidly and the entire fender will be lost in the near future. More information on rubber seals
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