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Rubber seal of the common performance is introduced

by:ORK      2020-07-16
In the process of rubber seals seal, will have poor ability to resist pressure to avoid bad performance, hardness, temperature tolerance is not strong, deformation, etc all kinds of reasons, among them with the material of rubber seal itself has an important influence, then to introduce the common three kinds of rubber seal performance. 1, the tensile strength of rubber seal elastomer seal material tensile strength is lower than marry her material, when the tensile strength decreased because of the influence of the environment or set of right and wrong for not less than the tolerance value, elastomer will be damaged. 2, the hardness of rubber seals, rubber elastomer seals will form different hardness, such as the hardness of NBR common is 70 degrees, also can produce into different soft hard seal, harder to withstand extrusion, soft with low sliding friction properties. 3, rubber seals, rubber seal is important to use temperature temperature range of a performance, not only should consider high temperature resistant ability, but also ability at low temperature and under the condition of high temperature, reaches a certain point began to grow soft rubber material goods the changes in the chemical substances; And in the case of low temperature reaches a certain point of rubber material, will start to harden making rubber seal cracks or brittle. Different material properties of the rubber seal each have differences, high and low temperature resistance, ageing resistance, corrosion resistance, medium resistance of each are not identical, if you want to learn more material performance, consulting, 18 years professional manufacturer of rubber seals seals.
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