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by:ORK      2020-07-17
In the process of selection of rubber seals, first consider the performance of the main including its tip stress, tensile strength, elongation, elongation at failure, pull a permanent deformation, and stress Strain curve, etc. Then, we consider the basic properties of the rubber seals - Hardness. So-called said rubber hardness is invading the ability to resist outside pressure. The hardness of the rubber and other performance related to a certain extent. So should work according to the parts characteristics to choose suitable hardness. We know the status of the rubber seals are frequently under compression, so consider the performance of the rubber seal compression. Due to the viscoelastic property of rubber, rubber after compression, compression stress decreases with time, show the compress stress relaxation; Remove the pressure, can not restore the original appearance, show the compression permanent deformation. In the high temperature and oil medium, the phenomenon is more significant. They're affects the sealing performance of seal, seal with one of the important performance of the rubber. We are the most commonly used is brittle temperature, it is to point to sample in low temperature by a certain impact rupture, the highest temperature can be used to compare different low temperature performance of the rubber. But due to the working state of the rubber parts with different test conditions, brittleness temperature of the rubber rubber pieces minimum working temperature, especially in the oil medium. Bad living conditions of the rubber seals, most of them are living in the system of fuel oil, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil and so on, so often in contact with all kinds of oil, natural also need it with oil resistant performance. in the oil medium, especially under high temperature, can lead to inflation, softening and lower strength and hardness, at the same time in the rubber plasticizer or soluble substances likely to be oil leaching, lead to the weight, volume shrink, cause leakage. So the oil resistance of rubber seals is working in the oil medium important performance of the rubber seals. Above, is the simple introduction of selection of rubber seal main performance should be considered. 18 years experience in rubber seals, for you to customize the right seal
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