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Rubber seal when save the need to pay attention to?

by:ORK      2020-07-17
seal is common in manufacturing accessories, with the need of production efficiency and the stock, many manufacturers can purchase some rubber seals seal spare ahead of schedule, so this time is designed to change how to save the problem correctly, then introduce the rubber seals for you when you save the need to pay attention to the problem. 1, to be a cool and dry storage environment, may, when necessary, installation of air-conditioning temperature and humidity monitoring table, check every day. 2, good mixing rubber material can not directly stacked together, need isolation agent on the surface, to prevent the raw materials together. 3 the finished and semi-finished products, rubber seals, should be labeled with clean bag, seal can't direct contact with the air so will accelerate aging products, white, etc. 4, have joined the vulcanizing rubber raw materials, to do a good job in management, are generally no more than 15 days, to be used in time before expiration. Above are some rubber seal storage when the attention of the common points, different performance of the rubber is different, storage is also slightly different, there are still many details need to pay attention to when stored. seals manufacturer seal of 18 years, has a modern standard workshop more than 20000 square meters, more than 30 professional technicians. Have scientific CNC processing center, vulcanization molding equipment, can open mould according to the different requirements of the customers, processing all kinds of different types, different materials of rubber seals, welcome to customize.
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