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Rubber sealing gasket

by:ORK      2020-07-14
Silicone sealing gasket has the advantages of many, the first is the heat resistance can work in low temperature environment, the minimum can reach 100 degrees below zero, has the very good resistance to oxidation and ozone in the air performance, due to the molecular structure of the silica gel silica gel seal ring has good air permeability and the gas has good selectivity, and because of its non-toxic tasteless so in a lot of food and medical industries are used to silicone gasket. Excellent insulating performance is its another advantage, but, if properly in the material, adding carbon black, nickel powder, aluminum powder, etc can increase the conductivity. Silicone seal and hygroscopicity, moisture absorption function to the environment and have the effect of isolation, but water vapor resistance is poor. Say so many silicone seal. But silica gel is not everything. Its shortcomings are obvious, so in what circumstances don't suit to use silicone gasket? 1. First, under the pressure of work more than 50 pounds working environment wasn't silica gel seal; 2. Silicone rubber can compatible with most of the oil, compounds and solvent, can have very good acid and alkali, but for hydrogen alkanes and aromatic species of oil, there is no resistance. 3. And is not recommended in most concentrated solvent, oil, concentrated acid and diluted caustic soda solution used in silicone gasket. Along with the development of the time and the progress of silicone technology, the special silicone some join special ingredients also has the radiation resistant, flame resistant, oil resistant performance. Fluorine and silicone, boron silica gel and phenyl silicone to shine in their respective special silicone rubber is also good at field. “ To do a good job, must first sharpen his & throughout; , in the right position to choose the right product, silicone rubber seals, special silicone rubber seals and special rubber seals between the use of collocation, make it real to do & other; There is, open & other; 。 Want to know more information seals, can focus on website, if you need custom seals, can call 24 h online service hotline:
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