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by:ORK      2022-11-25
sealing plug manufacturers talk about the comprehensive application of silicone rubber 1. The application of silicone rubber in the automotive industry in the automotive industry is growing rapidly. The use of silicone rubber, especially silicone rubber products with various characteristics, can resist the erosion of fuel and lubricating oil, improve the usability of various parts of the car, and reduce maintenance costs. Applications include: rubber O ring manufactures, automotive ignition wires, spark plug protection covers, hoses for heating and radiators, muffler linings, battery connectors, and fuel pumps made of fluorosilicone rubber, fuel inlet valves are used in automobile carburetors instead of metal Seals. With the development of vehicle electronics and electrification, room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber is widely used in potting materials for electronic parts, electrical assemblies, windshields, seals around the car body, and adhesive sealants for reflectors. 2. Electronic and electrical industry This is the earliest use of silicone rubber as an insulating material, and it is also a field with large demand. The varieties of applications are: rubber feet, TV anode covers, high voltage lead wires, refrigerator defroster wires, power or signal transmission wires, cables, self-adhesive silicone rubber tapes and large motor stator wire coil insulation and cables, wires connection and clustering. Insulators made of silicone rubber will be widely used in power transmission lines instead of ceramic products, especially on ultra-high voltage lines. Conductive silicone rubber is used for electrical contacts and liquid crystal display contacts of electronic computers, telephones and other instruments. Wires and cables made of flame-retardant and roll-resistant silicone rubber are widely used in nuclear power stations. Silicone rubber heating pads and heating belts are used to control the working temperature of various precision instruments and oil pipelines, and are used as heating blankets for medical compresses. Room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber is used as a bond for waterproof, moisture-proof, tape, tape and rubber sheet. 3. Aerospace industry Silicone rubber is an indispensable high-performance material in the aerospace industry. It can withstand the ultra-coldness of space and the scorching heat of returning to the atmosphere, increase the life of aircraft parts, reduce maintenance costs, and reduce accidents. Mainly used for airframe cavity seals, electrical connectors, sealed switches, dust and waterproof covers, rubber protective sleeves, gaskets, 'O' ring seals for jet engines and hydraulic devices, oxygen masks, regulating diaphragms, Hot air ducts, cable insulation and shock-absorbing control pads for foreign air systems, radar antenna shock absorbers, etc. Ablation-resistant silicone rubber is suitable for rocket fuel valves, power source cables and rocket silo covers to prevent ablation from rocket jets. Room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber can be used as air-tight seals for airframes, window frame seals, and shock-proof and moisture-proof potting materials. 4. With the increase of high-rise buildings in the construction industry, the demand for silicone rubber as a bonding sealant is rising sharply, which greatly exceeds other types of sealants. The reason is that it has good weather resistance and construction performance. In recent years Since then, a low-modulus high-elongation two-component sealant has been developed, which is used for large-scale components such as precast concrete parts and curtain walls with large joint movement. RTV silicone rubber is also used for sealing joints of asbestos cement boards, bathroom tile joints, sealing of cleaning appliances, and connections around upper and lower east windows to prevent structural damage and unsightly smudges from wind, rain and dust. With the decline in the price of rubber in the future, its application in various occasions has been expanded, such as the rubber shock absorber in the application of road joints, which has successfully replaced asphalt and neoprene. The high-temperature vulcanized silicone rubber sponge strip is used as a rubber sealing strip for doors and windows of buildings, and its dosage is objective. 5. Household appliances The heat-resistant detergent properties of silicone rubber have made it widely used in pump seals for dishwashers and washing machines. Silicone rubber is very useful as a gasket on appliances such as coffee pots, electric fryers, steam irons, etc. The rubber sleeve pads on the ear and head of the stereo earphones are replaced by silicone rubber, which can eliminate external noise, and is soft and comfortable. 7. Applications in other aspects In addition to the above-mentioned applications, the application of silicone rubber in the fields of textile, printing, machinery, plastics, chemistry, papermaking, food and cosmetics has also increased significantly. Typical products are rollers made of silicone rubber, used for heat setting of fabrics, plastics, embossing, calendering and fixing in copiers. Air-conditioning windows made of silicone rubber film for the storage of fruits and vegetables. In addition, silicone rubber has also achieved good benefits in textile high-temperature equipment and as a sealing material in equipment with high concentrations of alkali, sodium hypochlorite and hydrogen peroxide. To sum up, it is foreseeable that in the 1980s, when energy, electronics, new materials and life sciences were the forerunners and cores of technological innovation, silicone rubber would show important prospects for its valuable properties and benefit mankind. More information on rubber seals is here
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