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by:ORK      2020-07-17
Adding accelerator can promote rubber and rubber vulcanizing agent, the reaction between the improve the curing rate, lower curing temperature, shorten curing time, reduce the dosage of curing agent, at the same time, the physical and mechanical properties of vulcanized rubber chemical properties are also improved. 1, different rubber using different vulcanization system, different type of accelerator. 2, promoter focus performance plays a decisive influence, the promoter of choice in a correct way will help rubber mixing, calendering, extruding and operation safety. General mold vulcanization need to have certain scorch time and die without sulfur coke burning time, do not need too long. 3, promoter scorch resistance related to its critical temperature, more than the critical temperature rapid activation accelerator, the use of multiple promoter, when some promoter will be suppressed, some promoter activity under the critical temperature also can appear larger. 4, the collocation of accelerator should make rubber seals has the broad vulcanization flatness. is a poor conductor of heat rubber surface, internal heat is not one to the broad vulcanization flatness is to avoid sulfur, parts and products vulcanized evenly. 5, the reasonable collocation of the accelerator can also improve the aging properties of the vulcanizates, has the certain model role, can improve the processing performance of the rubber. Faults, promoter poor dispersion, polluting, the use of accelerator is generally not poisonous. If you need a custom rubber seal products: oil seal, o-rings, miscellaneous pieces, and other rubber products, please find us
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