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by:ORK      2022-11-25
seals are widely used in automobile production, tires, hoses, tapes, oil seals, wipers, weather strips, brake pads, etc. The rubber industry developed along with the automobile industry. In the 1960s, with the rapid development of the automobile industry and petrochemical industry, rubber seals have become more and more widely used. The rubber industry developed along with the automobile industry. The rapid development of the automobile industry and petrochemical industry in the 1960s greatly improved the production level of the rubber industry; in the 1970s, in order to meet the needs of high speed, safety, energy conservation, pollution elimination, and pollution prevention of automobiles, Promoted the continuous appearance of new varieties of tires. Raw rubber seals consumption occupies a considerable proportion in transportation. For example: a Jiefang brand 4-ton truck needs more than 200 kilograms of rubber products, a hard-seat carriage needs to be equipped with rubber seals products with a total weight of more than 300 kilograms, a 10,000-ton giant ship needs nearly 10 tons of rubber products, a jet The airliner needs nearly 600 kilograms of rubber. In terms of sea, land and air transportation, any one of them is inseparable from the glue removal products. As a means of transportation, tires are a major accessory. In recent years, in addition to the production of ordinary tires, radial tires and tubeless tires have also been vigorously developed. Some subways also use rubber tires. Railway vehicles and automobiles are popularized and applied with rubber seals spring reduction products and air-tight rubber release. Large stores, stations, and subways are also using manned conveyor belts. In addition, there are 'hovercraft' and 'hovercraft' made of rubber. There are more large and small rubber seals required by the industrial sector, with many varieties and wide uses, and some have special requirements. The main products are tapes, hoses, gaskets, rubber rollers, rubber sheets, rubber linings and labor protection products. In mining, coal, metallurgy and other industries, tapes are used to transport finished products, which are constantly appearing everywhere. For the sake of large-scale production, steel wire rope conveyor belts and synthetic fiber conveyor belts are also produced. In recent years, the rubber lining of mining mills has replaced manganese steel with forged rubber, the service life has been increased by two to four times, and the noise has been reduced. This product has been promoted worldwide. More information on rubber seals
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