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by:ORK      2022-11-26
seals have the same purpose in automotive and marine applications. Marine rubber seals seals are essentially rubber seals, but the use of such seals is for ships, so there will be The professional name for marine rubber seals. In order to avoid the vacuum adsorption effect of the rubber seals seal, some measures can be taken, such as appropriately increasing the hardness of the rubber material, and using a frosted surface for its contact surface, so as to achieve this purpose. The price of rubber seals in automobiles, the price of their gaskets, from the current market situation, is not fixed, there are highs and lows. Moreover, it is a non-standard part, so it is generally customized according to user requirements, and it is different in terms of quantity, material and specifications, so its price is also different. And this question is not easy to answer, because there is no relevant standard for reference. Among the polyurethane products, one of the more important products is polyurethane foam. Also, since it is porous, its relative density is low and its specific strength is high. In terms of specific types, there are soft, board soft, etc. The difference is mainly in raw materials and formula. According to different raw materials and different formulas, different finished products can be obtained, thus making the products diverse. In the field of automobiles and ships, rubber seals are definitely the first choice among seals. Whether it is a car door or a ship waterproofing, it needs the support of rubber seals. Tai'an Gaobang Machinery Parts Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of various rubber seals. Welcome to call to order products.
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