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by:ORK      2022-11-07
It is indispensable for modern industry, and rubber parts are widely used in various fields. parts are made of natural rubber or various synthetic rubbers, supplemented by additives of different varieties and quantities to change the performance indicators of rubber. Various rubber parts are manufactured through corresponding processes. accessory products. spare parts have now penetrated into various fields of national economy and national defense construction, and are indispensable to the modern industrial system. spare parts products can be subdivided according to different application fields. The main applications of the company's products include rail vehicle sealing, shield tunnel water sealing, rail vibration damping, construction rubber sealing, automobile rubber sealing, container rubber parts, and marine hatch cover rubber. There are seven fields in total. Rail transit includes high-speed rail and urban rail transit. The rapid development of rail transit has brought huge market space for rail vehicle rubber seals, shield tunnel water-stop rubber seals and rail vibration damping rubber components. The acceleration of the urbanization process has brought about a large increase in doors, windows and curtain walls, resulting in a greater demand for rubber sealing strips. Automobile rubber sealing strips are mainly used in automobile doors, windows, covers and other parts, which play the role of sealing, vibration reduction and decoration. In recent years, the rapid development of my country's automobile industry has brought a broad market space to the automobile sealing strip industry. The shipping field includes rubber seals parts and marine hatch cover rubber parts. The container rubber seals are mainly door frame sealing strips, so that the box has specific functions such as watertightness and airtightness. my country's container manufacturing industry accounts for more than 95% of the global share, and the annual market demand for container door frame seals is about 2 million sets. The rubber parts of marine hatch covers play a role in sealing, waterproofing, balancing and decompression of hatch covers and doors and windows. It is estimated that the total annual demand for rubber parts of marine hatch covers in the world is about 4,600 tons. The company's products have outstanding advantages. With first-class technology and excellent product quality, leading companies in several sub-industries have developed and produced high-end rubber spare parts products, taking the substitution of imports as the market entry point. The large segment has achieved a high market share. The rubber sealing strip for rail vehicles is used in the doors and windows of high-speed trains, subways and light rail trains, and plays the role of sealing, windproof and waterproof. The company's market share exceeds 50%. Company website: https://www.orksealing.com/
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