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Rubber seals customization process is?

by:ORK      2020-07-16
Due to the different product structure design, the use of the product environment is also different, thus for rubber seal structure size and performance requirements are also different, so the rubber seals seals, in most cases, need to open mold customization, seal today took everybody understand the rubber seals seals generally order process. 1, product drawings in custom rubber seals must first understand the structure size of the product, if there is a product of 2 d / 3 d drawings, the drawings shall prevail, if not drawings you need samples, general rubber seals manufacturer can be evaluated according to the requirements of the product structure size and existing technology can meet the requirements of customers. 2, customer demand before custom rubber seals seals to understand the basic information of the products, such as the use of the products, such as heat resistance requirements, acid, alkaline, oil resistant, etc. , to facilitate the seals manufacturer to select the right material. 3, project communication and offer certain material process after there is no problem, the seal will be according to the requirement of the customer's requirement and appearance dimension precision mold structure and mold cavity number, and whether to need to open the sample mold, etc. , and give a formal quotation as a condition. 4, the material developed after both parties confirm the quotation without objection start formal engineering development, according to the customer provide the material property table to choose the appropriate rubber seal material properties to meet the material requirements. 5, mould development shall be carried out in accordance with the communication plan, die design and the formal mold 2 d and 3 d image file and related mould processing. 6, try mould proofing mould processing for the first time after the completion of the sample proofing, we will provide a certain number of samples, material test report and product size inspection report to customer confirmed by the line, such as NG is targeted to improve until the sample is OK. 7, batch production after the sample OK, trial-produce and according to customer order. seals manufacturer seal of 18 years, provide made of one-stop services, from product design to the finished product can be customized according to customer demand various types of high precision rubber seals, from raw material to finished product in dozens of rigorous testing, to ensure product quality. If there are any more custom problems need to know, welcome consulting seal.
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