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by:ORK      2020-08-05
Rubber seal material should meet the requirements of sealing function. Because of the different medium to be sealed, as well as the equipment of different working conditions, the applicability of the sealing material has different requirements. Demand for sealing material is: (1) material density is good, not easy leakage of medium. (2) with the proper mechanical strength and hardness. (3) good compressibility and resilience, permanent deformation is small. (4) high temperature to soften, decomposition, hardening, brittle fracture under low temperature. 5. Corrosion resistant performance is good, in acid, alkali, oil and other media can work for a long time, its volume is a hardness change little, and not adhesive on the metal surface. 6. Small friction coefficient, good abrasion resistance. All landowners with sealing face full of softness. Today good aging resistance and durability. Pet-name ruby manufacture is convenient, cheap, made easy. Obviously, any kind of material is impossible to fully meet the above requirements, but the material with excellent seal performance can meet most of these requirements. Steel, surfacing welding alloy, spraying powder gasket, hard packing seal, mechanical seal, piston ring, clearance, dustproof seals, fully enclosed seal, forming filler cobalt tungsten carbide cobalt tungsten carbide, titanium carbide mechanical seal precious metals gold, silver, indium, tantalum high vacuum sealing, high pressure sealing, the sealing performance of the sealing material at low temperature is an important factor to ensure effective sealing, choose sealing material, mainly according to the working environment of the potted component, such as using temperature, working pressure, the working medium used as well as the movement way and so on. The basic requirements for sealing material is as follows: ___________ has certain mechanical properties, such as tensile strength, elongation, etc. This flexibility and proper hardness, compression permanent deformation is small. 3. High and low temperature resistance, high temperature decomposition, softening, low temperature hardening. 4. To adapt themselves to the working medium, do not produce swelling, decomposition, hardening, etc. ⒌ oxygen resistance and aging resistance, durable. Pictures of wear resistance, no corrosion of metal. But easy to forming, the price is cheap.
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