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Rubber sheet has excellent compression and resilience and compressive strength

by:ORK      2022-11-06
Cork board rubber sheet combines the advantages of cork board and vulcanized rubber seals, which not only preserves the anti-aging, acid and alkali resistance, cold resistance, high friction resistance, excellent shrinkage and shrinkage recovery of cork board, but also has the high performance of commonly used vulcanized rubber. Elasticity and shared compressive strength. Promoting goods to have excellent mechanical and equipment functions, physical functions and organic chemistry functions. The material resistance of cork board and rubber board is similar to that of the vulcanized rubber used, and the wear resistance is stronger. It is better than acid and alkali resistant vulcanized rubber and acid and alkali resistant asbestos in specific applications. Since the cork board and rubber board do not have asbestos and other materials, it is an environmental protection gasket, which can meet the requirements of the entrance and exit of some machinery and equipment. According to the different types of rubber seals products to be upgraded, it is divided into nitrile type, neoprene type and styrene-butadiene type, with pressure model and cut type. Experts pointed out that it was the material choice for excellent sealing, vibration isolation, thermal insulation and sound insulation at that time. Function characteristics of cork board and rubber board: It has excellent compression and resilience, compressive strength, and excellent cold resistance. And anti-aging effect, good acid and alkali resistance, high friction resistance, no asbestos, energy-saving sealing material. The scale of application and operation of cork board and rubber board is widespread, and it has mutual application effects in sealing, vibration isolation, heat insulation, sound insulation and other aspects. Transmission and transformation sealing:? Distribution transformer? Transmission and distribution transformers? Oil cap/flange? Vacuum pressure gauge? gate? Heat pipe radiator? Terminals? Bottom pressure waterproof casing? High pressure waterproof casing? Big box? Seismic support frame? Molded rubber products? Switchgear.
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