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Scope of application of O type sealing ring

by:ORK      2022-10-25
Scope of application of O-type seals. Materials and storage precautions Scope of application When the machine is used, there will inevitably be friction. To reduce friction, oil needs to be added during mechanical operation. In order to prevent oil leakage in the mechanical gap and affect the application of the machine, a sealing ring is required. With the development of technology, industrial equipment has become more and more complex. In addition to oil, other fluid leaks can occur, even from the outside into airborne dust into the inside of the machine. To prevent this, a sealing ring is required. It is stipulated that the sealing material must follow the basic requirements when selecting materials: good sealing performance, safe and reliable, long life, low cost, and easy to process materials, and the liquid of the material can be well compatible with the material. When used, it can be determined according to the movement speed. In short, various working conditions must comply with the regulations of sealing materials, so as to facilitate mutual restraint. Scope of application of O type sealing ring. Materials and storage precautions Common types of materials There are many common materials, among which the common ones are rubber seals, resin materials, metals, plant fibers and animal leather. is a material widely used in the manufacturing process of sealing rings, which can be divided into natural rubber and synthetic rubber. Among them, synthetic rubber seals can be subdivided into many kinds, such as nitrile rubber, hydrogenated nitrile rubber, fluorine rubber, silica gel, polyurethane rubber seals and its perfluoro rubber. Resin materials can be subdivided into thermosetting and thermoplastic, and sealing rings made of resin materials are suitable for dynamic sealing. Metals can be divided into light metals and rare metals, among which iron is used more in light metals, such as chromium and manganese. Red copper is usually used for rare metals, such as aluminum and zinc. Plant fibers are usually plant fibers (hemp cotton). In general, animal fibers (animal hair) and mineral fibers (asbestos) are also classified into this type. However, fibers are rarely used for hydraulic sealing. Animal leather is a kind of animal fiber, but its characteristics are different from other animal fibers, so it is listed independently. When selecting materials, it is necessary to select the correct and suitable sealing material according to the actual situation. Storage Precautions 1. When the sealing ring is not needed temporarily, do not open the package. Otherwise, the sealing ring is easy to stick to dust, preventing it from being exposed to the air, thereby accelerating aging. 2. Store in a slightly lower humidity environment, but pay attention to prevent it from being directly irradiated by sunlight. Moisture and its ultraviolet rays will accelerate its aging. 3. Seal rings cannot be placed around high temperature pyrogens, especially boilers or heating furnaces. If the storage method is appropriate, a good quality O-ring can be stored for about ten years. For the sealing ring that has been stored for a long time, when it is taken out for use next time, the elastic state should be checked first to ensure that the elasticity is good and the surface is not damaged before it can be put into use.
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