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Scope of application of O type sealing ring

by:ORK      2022-11-19
Scope of application of O-type seals. Materials and storage considerations By contrast, we should know that O ring manufactures are a very common sealing element. It can not only effectively prevent liquid leakage in the working medium, but also prevent external dust and foreign objects from entering the inner cavity. So what is its scope of application? What are its requirements for materials? What should be paid attention to when storing? Now, Zhonggao will give you a detailed introduction to give you a more specific understanding of it. Scope of application When using a machine, friction is inevitable. To reduce friction, oil needs to be added during mechanical operation. In order to prevent oil leakage in the mechanical gap and affect the application of the machine, a sealing ring is required. With the development of technology, industrial equipment has become more and more complex. In addition to oil, other fluid leaks can occur, even from the outside into airborne dust into the inside of the machine. To prevent these situations, seals are required. It specifies the basic requirements that need to be followed when selecting the sealing material: not only good sealing performance, safe and reliable, long life, cost-effective, and easy to process materials, and specifies that the liquid of the material can be well compatible with the material. , which can be determined according to the movement speed. In short, various working conditions must comply with the regulations of sealing materials, so as to facilitate mutual restraint.
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