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Seal groove size and groove standard

by:ORK      2022-11-12
1. The O-ring is installed in the groove. Moderately compressed O ring manufactures in cross-section. It can be used as a seal for various fluids such as oil, water, air, and certain gases. Foshan Damansun Sealing Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology-based enterprise specializing in the production of seals, the development of sealing materials and sealing solutions for special working conditions. The company has more than 320 employees. There are two types of use methods: static and moving. Compared with other sealing rings, it has the following advantages: 1) The structure of the sealing part is simple, the installation part is compact, and the weight is light. 2) It has a self-sealing effect, and often only one seal can complete the sealing effect. 3) The sealing performance is good, and there is almost no leakage when used as a fixed seal. When used as a moving seal, leakage occurs only when the speed is high. 4) The movement friction resistance is small, and it can also adapt to the occasion of pressure exchange. 5) The dimensions and grooves have been standardized, the cost is low, the product is easy to obtain, easy to use and outsource. The problem of the O-ring in the groove: 1) The frictional resistance at startup is relatively large. 2) When used as a seal for pneumatic devices, lubricating oil must be added to prevent wear. 3) The processing size and accuracy requirements for coupling accessories, such as moving surfaces, grooves, intermittent and other processing are very strict. Pressure and sealing gap The O-ring is generally sealed by the rebound generated by compression, but as the pressure increases, it is squeezed into the sealing turbidity gap and changes in shape. In order to make the O-ring have a good sealing effect and prolong its service life, the gap between the installation groove of the O-ring and the sealing parts must be properly designed. When the gap is too large, the O-ring will squeeze out the gap under the action of oil pressure. resulting in leakage. When the working pressure is less than 9.8Mpa, the retaining ring is generally not designed. When the pressure is greater than 9.8Mpa, the pressure surface of the O-ring is easy to be extruded, and a retaining ring should be added; If the surface is under pressure, set another retaining ring. In the rubber seals material standard, the two main properties are hardness and compression set. Selecting a rubber seals material with less compression deformation is beneficial to sealing performance, and hardness is critical for O-ring compression and extrusion resistance. According to domestic standards and practical experience, the maximum compression permanent deformation of rubber at the specified temperature does not exceed 50%, and the hardness of rubber seals is closely related to the sealing working pressure. The higher the pressure, the higher the hardness. In the rotating motion, the working pressure is generally not more than 0.4Mpa, and the hardness is selected at 70±5 degrees; if it exceeds 0.4Mpa, it is designed according to a special sealing device. The compression rate of the O-ring used for groove and compression fixed sealing is generally 15~25%, and the compression rate is 10~20% when the moving seal enters the reciprocating motion, and the compression rate is generally 3~5 when the rotary motion is used. .
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