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Seal Selection Temperature Limits for Rotating Equipment

by:ORK      2022-11-09
Rotary equipment seal selection temperature limits The operating temperature range of rotary seals and mechanical seals is almost entirely determined by their manufacturing materials. The defining elements of an O-ring mechanical seal depend on the elastomeric material and polymer-based components in it, such as O ring manufactures or metal bellows. The working temperature of elastomer materials with excellent performance is generally in the middle of 150 ° C ~ 250 ° C, perfluoroelastomer materials can reach 315 ° C, and the safe working temperature of PTFE is limited to 260 ° C. Fillers woven from PTFE chemical fibers and elastomeric core spun yarns have a similar operating temperature range. The new fillers are made from a variety of synthetic and natural stones with the addition of high-end lubricants (see Table 3). Pure PTFE and fillers with high-purity graphite chemical fiber and PTFE at the same time, the working temperature range is limited by the PTFE raw material, these two types of rotary sealing tubes have the lowest working temperature The value can cause minus 100 ℃. In such a low temperature environment, the torsion spring of the mechanical seal needs to be made of imported aluminum alloy to work efficiently. The overall properties of fillers woven from expanded graphite filaments may be better. Its working temperature range is minus 200 ℃ to 850 ℃ in non-air oxidation natural environment (450 ℃ under air oxidation standard), the angular velocity of this type of product is 25m/s, the working pressure is 25 bar, and the pH value of organic chemicals The range is 0~14, but the use of oxidants must be prevented. For general use, various fillers that replace asbestos and pure natural non-woven fabrics have high stability and maximum economic value. This type of filler is usually made of glass fiber and other filaments, and its working temperature range is about minus 40 ℃ to 350 ℃, with a variety of centerline speed, working pressure and organic chemical compatibility mode, suitable for Variety of main uses. Traditional natural silk fillers (such as cotton, linen or ramie) are known for long service life and low damage to drive shafts in rotating applications, and they work when used for sealing with mineral oils or water-based substances. The temperature is about 100°C and the pressure is 20 bar. (Surprisingly, the filaments made of subtropical nettle green plants such as ramie have high compressive strength and toughness, and the rotary sealing tube made of it can work under the extremely high pressure of reciprocating machinery and equipment : 250bar, 700bar can be achieved under special conditions). As expected, the organic chemical compatibility mode of natural silk is greatly limited by its pH range.
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