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by:ORK      2020-08-01
Sealing performance, to a large extent affects the building doors and Windows of air tightness, water tightness, heat loss, such as doors and Windows are important performance indexes and the strong degree of doors and Windows. To that end, countries have long made the GB12002 - 89 national standards for plastic doors and Windows with sealing strip. To regulate sealing strip production and inspection. However, the current building materials on the market of doors and Windows with rubber seals sealing strip quality and price is very confusion. Your fifteen thousand, six thousand yuan a ton, cheap only six thousand yuan a ton. Nearly ten thousand yuan price difference, the quality difference is very big, call a person. Many seals manufacturer says its product is to perform GB12002 - 89 national standards, and can detect the qualified test report issued by authoritative organization. According to our currently in use within the industry's well-known manufacturer of rubber seals sealing strip, and the sealing strip samples from our factory inspection, the hot air aging resistance heating in the weightlessness projects result is surprising: more than 10 as a sample, no one is qualified. According to the GB12002 - Article 89 the provisions of the standard, sealing the hot air aging resistance heating in the weightlessness projects should be & le; 3%. And the actual heating weightlessness of test results are as follows: 7. 17% ~ 22. 54%. Far beyond the scope of the standard provisions of the state. The sealing strip, in are formulated with a large amount of low boiling point plasticizer or substitute of plasticizer. The sealing strip in the new time, elasticity, softness is good. Over time, however, are too many plasticizer volatilization, sealing strip of elasticity, softness, light influence on the performance of the doors and Windows sealed, or can also affect the degree of solid doors and Windows assembly. In addition, excessive amounts of plasticizer sealing strip, in use process, will happen plasticizer to PVC profiles in contact with the phenomenon of migration. Cause swelling profile local coloring and sash. Namely: the sealing surface in contact with the sealing strip profile, a width different, wipe not to go, wash not to drop the dark spots, in stark contrast to the white material body, greatly affect beautiful. In the color mark because of plasticizer to move in, and local protuberance. ( Sliding door window because sealing strip and material contact part is not exposed, local color profiles and swelling phenomenon, generally observed. And at the time of the open flat open doors and Windows, sealing strip out of contact with the corresponding profile, profile local coloring and swelling phenomenon exposed. ) Although, local color profiles and swelling phenomenon, is the consequences of failure will not result in a frame and door profile, but it seriously affect the appearance of plastic doors and Windows and beautiful. This is, after all, a defect, after all, will be extremely bad influence on the image of plastic doors and Windows. In order to maintain the image of plastic doors and Windows, care for the healthy growth of emerging industries, sealing strip manufacturer should actually qualified sealing strip production, plastic doors and Windows assembly plant should choose real qualified, excellent sealing strip. To ensure the quality of plastic doors and Windows.
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