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Sealing strip car seal rubber sealing strip

by:ORK      2020-08-05
Car becomes more and more popular now, the cars on the road more and more. But cars and people, after a long time also need to have a rest and maintenance. Most owners should not noticed that didn't even think about it. That is the sealing strip, the car checked whether there really pay attention to? It said that the sealing strip below small make up take you. Automotive sealing strip effect: the sealing strip fill body between the components of intermittent, the effect of aperture, shock absorption, waterproof, dustproof, sound insulation, decoration, such as function, can effectively prevent the rain into the car, and improve ride comfort and protect the body. Can improve the tightness, car seal once sealing aging damage, will cause the rain leakage, increase the car driving wind noise, leak and make body rust easily, so it is necessary to regular maintenance check at ordinary times. Change before the car seal must be chosen according to their own models using the seal design, automotive sealing strip, professional custom sealing strip, exactly match the original curve slope and curve curvature, ensure continuity between body parts, avoid combining site to produce air separation, dissolve the periodic wake easily, can reduce the high speed wind noise, at the same time enhance the capacity of the original car air tightness and dustproof. Sealing remind you: automotive sealing strip is the widget inside the body, but it can guarantee the switch door composed massiness, still can make the car shelter, dustproof, heat insulation, sound insulation, to the edge of the doors and Windows transition rise to decorate the effect. When body by vibration and distortion, sealing strip also play the role of buffering, shock absorption, protection of glass. Therefore, car maintenance, no small matter, from now on focus on focus on your seals, O ( ∩ _∩ ) 啊~ ! Want to know more related information about sealing strip, can focus on seal products website, if you need custom sealing strip, can call 24-hour customer service hotline: articles from the website: http://www. lihanmachine。 Com, reprint please indicate the source
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