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Sealing strip doors and Windows sealing strip rubber sealing strip

by:ORK      2020-08-01
Doors and Windows sealing strip market price really is a mess, mess what degree? Take common seals, for instance, only 2 - cheap More than 3 yuan a, while expensive, 7 - More than 8 yuan one, the difference between where? Generally all don't know what's the difference between the doors and Windows manufacturer, that is bad in that? To explain to you today. A, the source of the low sealing strip? Why are some of the doors and Windows sealing strip so cheap? Mainly analyzes the following points: 1, is a small manufacturer of incomplete sealing strip, destroy all the time, so a low price. 2, low-priced acquisition of rubber seals factory waste materials, seals, low price but the harm is big. Remember, the cost of any products! Bad problems: low sealing strip bad sealing strip often come into contact with some toxic substances, these substances will cause certain toxic to the environment and human health. So when selecting a sealing strip don't blindly pursue cheap price, and ignore the quality comparison. Doors and Windows sealing strip completely won't appear the above question, our packing material is smooth, the product has good resilience, to minimize the error of the doors and Windows can, even if very bad circumstances can maintain a good elasticity, strip surface material of anti-aging, wear-resistant, surface not stretching to crinkle non-stick paint surface materials, and does not react with any paint, detergents, customers need not worry about the integrity of the doors and Windows and beautiful. Above information is the doors and Windows sealing strip, if you need custom sealing strip, please find us, 18 years of experience for you to customize the satisfactory sealing articles from the official website, reprint please indicate the source
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