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Sealing strip doors and Windows sealing strip sound insulation sealing strip

by:ORK      2020-08-06
In our daily life, the importance of wooden door is self-evident. And for the use of wooden door, it not only shoulder the security and privacy protection, must also have very good heat preservation and sound insulation effect. And wooden door wants to have a good effect of heat preservation and sound insulation must ensure the sealing performance. Why wooden door sound insulation effect is still not up to standard? Because the sealing strip? Because of the bad sealing strip its physical properties of heat bilges cold shrink happens, in the winter makes our wooden door cannot be closed tight, wooden door mute effect and dustproof effect was greatly reduced. More important is that if our sealing strip quality closes nevertheless, then under the condition of high temperature in summer is likely to emit harmful gases and use time is long will likely be the pollution to the air, threaten our family member's health. Doors and Windows sealing strip of sealing products very suitable for wooden door enterprises to choose. 1. Product elasticres ilience, to minimize the error of the doors and Windows can, even if very bad circumstances can maintain a good elasticity. 2. It is installation process used in dry operation, without glue daub, can greatly improve strip of environmental protection. 3. Strip surface material of anti-aging, wear-resistant, surface not to crinkle tensile non-stick paint surface materials, deep installation workers and consumers. 4. Color is very rich, there are various colors to choose from. 5. Modelling is very rich, can adapt according to the different kinds of wooden door to figure custom, eighteen years of experience to serve you. Studies have shown that installed the sealing strip wood door can be closed condition, make the combination between the door leaf and door cover more closely. So as to achieve the effect of sound insulation and sealing strip can also reduce the impact between the two corresponding, nature also have played an important role in protecting wooden door. If you want to know more information of doors and Windows sealing strip, can focus on the seal's official website, if you want to customize the doors and Windows sealing strip, can call 24 hours online customer service hotline: articles from sealing website:, reprint please indicate the source
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