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by:ORK      2020-07-10
Passenger car sealing strip product classification method has a lot of kinds, usually according to equipment parts ( Parts) Title, data types, the number of complex data, factors such as characteristics to stop classification. Which according to the equipment parts ( Parts) The title of the classification is a common way, including the hatch cover, front and rear windshield seals, door seal, door seal, glass door seal, dust, door inside and outside doors and Windows sealed, sealing side window, skylight seal, roof seal, trunk ( The trunk) Seal, etc. So, sealing strip used in automotive industry, what is the characteristics and advantages of a passenger car sealing strip? It is the main feature of automotive sealing strip in general won't produce compression deformation, but also had a very good effect, especially for ozone and about some other chemical action, at the same time also is also patient with aging, and important is this is easy to install, and is very strong, very durable, this is the advantage of this product. But for people with cars, it should be careful to choose in the car seal or a little better. Farewell to pure rubber extrusion production process steam curing pot sulfide original production technology, using more advanced multi-head extrusion microwave vulcanization process, secondary processing and plastic injection molding process. Passenger car seals, apparently, is main and basic function is to seal, need waterproof, noise and dust. In fact, can further improve the sealing effect by improving the design. Now material frictional resistance is increasing, so the sealing performance can keep a long time, initial installation can also reduce the damage. Not only influence the car environment and the sound insulation effect, serious when still can appear slack phenomenon. The door is mainly on the door sealing strip, around the door needs to be equipped with rubber sealing strip. Passenger car sealing strip can improve the tightness, prevent wind and rain to the car. As soon as the door sealing strip aging damage, will cause the rain leakage, increase the car driving wind noise, leak and it is easy to make the body corrosion. Thus it is not hard to see, for cars, sealing strip is one of the important parts, must be inspected on a regular basis. The above text from a network share, all peer originator, please let us know if there is any infringement, immediate offline within 24 hours! Seal is a collection of product design, mold design, processing, research and development of rubber seals formula, mixing and testing the integration of large-scale rubber seals seal products entity enterprise. 15 years in the field of automotive research and development, cooperation with many large auto companies, internal use automobile industry quality system, long-term efficient operation more than 10 years. The company introduces advanced intelligent production equipment and testing equipment, automatic batching system, mixer line, extrusion line, purifying workshop, fully automatic sorting equipment, automatic packaging machine, etc. Auto filter system, steering system, gas system, car inner decoration, such as the auto industry a full range of rubber series, series of extrusion foaming, special rubber series deep well oilfield has the strong development ability and unique physical and chemical properties and cost advantage.
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